Basic Arabic Language: Third Batch (School Students)


Fluency in Arabic Language

Learn Arabic with Ease & Fun, Speak Fluently with Confidence


Important Verses from Qur'anul Kareem

Learning Important Verses from Qur'anul Kareem with Meaning


Daily Dua's of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Learning Important Dua's from the Life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest course “Basic Arabic Language: Third Batch” Starting July 1st!

Designed especially for teenagers & learners at the basic to intermediate levels, this six-month course aims to equip you with the skills to speak Arabic fluently throughout your day. Under the expert guidance of Professor Ataur Rahman Nadwi from the International Islamic University Chittagong, with over 25 years of teaching experience & Jareer Bin Nadwi, a seasoned Arabic Teacher from the Al-Hidaayah International School, you’ll dive into the basics of the Arabic language, explore significant Qur’anic verses & learn the daily Dua’s of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Our dynamic teaching approach includes a carefully selected textbook, multimedia tools & real-life conversation practice to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

Embark on this journey with us to not only master the Arabic language but also deepen your understanding of its rich cultural heritage.

Activities Involved

  • Ease & Fun
  • Multimedia Learning
  • Passive Learning
  • Real-Life Conversations
  • Different Approach of Learning